Green String Network is implementing the Family Cloth Mask Initiative (FCMI) to support vulnerable families in Kenya from the risks and impact of Covid-19. Find out how you can be a part of this initiative.

Our Programs

Our environment is complex. We target unstable regions and conflict zones, yet we have had the ability to operate and fulfill objectives. In Kenya our programming has grown to be a unique social movement driven by local network partners. The community and police programs develop peer support groups. The programming incorporates low-resource methods building upon cultural practices and traditions. The methodology uses local folktales, case studies, and artwork allowing participants to easily connect and understand complex ideas. The programs are volunteer based focusing on providing a safe space for participants to explore issues of violence, the effects of trauma, social healing and dialogue. Key participants include youth leaders, at-risk youth, women’s groups, GBV survivors, religious leaders, disabled groups like the hearing-impaired, and the business community. Emphasis is given to narratives which help individuals and groups break the “cycles of violence”, developing community led peace initiatives. Leadership at all levels is engaged in an effort to support the break-away from a victimhood mentality.

See the initiatives and steps we have taken in collaboration with our Kenyan Grassroot Partners and the support of the Kenyan Ministry of Health to address the Global Covid-19 Pandemic.

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