Our Mission:


By looking at the world's problems through a trauma-informed lense, we restore hope, one life at a time!

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Our Approach

GSN incorporates low-resource methods building upon the cultural practices and traditions of the areas where our interventions are implemented. Currently our materials have been adapted for Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan by using local folk tales, case studies and artwork.

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What We Do

When entire generations and nations have lived in protracted violence and existed in survival mode for decades, the cracks in society are entrenched. These cracks are reflected in daily life, and not only impact individuals but also the systems and structures that are meant to support recovery. Through supporting trauma-informed approaches the intractable becomes possible through tapping into the knowledge, skills and values of local communities.


projects & initiatives

  • Community Empowerment & Resilience Programming
  • Trauma Informed Approach with Kenyan Security Actors
  • IOM for Somalia

monitoring & Evaluation

  • Design & Development of Base Line and Impact Surveys, Focus group
  • Call Centre Services
  • Application Development

consultancy services

  • Curriculum Development
  • Programme Design
  • Specialized Consultancies



  • Trauma Informed Resilience Framework – TIR
  • Trauma Informed Leadership
  • Corporate stress Management
  • Customized workshops


“Safe spaces have always been created by the healers. We must do it again until all spaces are safe for all. Each space violated is an opportunity for us to build a peace constituency”

Irungu Houghton




The Cup:
Owning your own healing Agenda

Imagine that your community and our society is like the CUP and that the water poured in represents NGOs, donor programs and government initiatives that pour aid and resources into our communities. After a while we no longer see the CUP only the wasted resources. 

The majority of aid organizations focuses on what is being put into the communities; they are pouring "water" in, without knowing or understanding the cracks in communities, the challenges and the resources within the communities. Is the water (resources) causing even more harm?

But, if a cup (and community) undergo a healing process of the cracks, they can hold what is being put in?! - And in the best case scenario, with some resources, the communities are able to dig wells to supply its own water. In other words, with the right resources and capacities, communities can empower themselves and find solutions to intractable problems!


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