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What we do, our approach and how we help! Kumekucha & Green String Network (Short Version)

Kumekucha: It’s a New Dawn is a social healing program designed to promote the long process of community healing and social reconciliation within Kenya’s diverse cultural landscape.


What we do, our approach and how we help! Kumekucha & Green String Network (Long Version)


Kumekucha - Stones

Mama Zuria is a community leader in Majengo. She is a victim of losing her children to brutal police extrajudicial killings and violent extremism. GSN's Kumekucha program in Majengo has helped her to forgive and continue to heal.



Kumekucha is the Kiswahili translation for “it’s a new dawn”. In coastal slang, it also means “something is going down”. The name was selected to symbolise a self- awakening and harnessing the idea of a new, energised beginning for Kenya regardless of our past.


The Quraca Nabadda (QN) program in Somalia was designed by two local GSN partners, Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN) and Wajir Peace University Trust, to address social healing and wellness.


Celebrating and Nurturing Women’s Leadership in Peacebuilding Women from different countries joined together, representing Kenya , Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and USA.

brochures & flyers

Kumekucha Brochure :

Kumekucha - It’s a new Dawn ! Combating/Preventing Violent Extremism through Social Healing

WebR - Wellbeing & Resilience - A trauma-informed peacebuilding brochure :

The Wellbeing & Resilience framework merges peacebuilding and conflict transformation programming with psycho-social and mental health concepts.