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Quraca Nabadda (Tree of Peace)

In Somalia, reconciliation is considered to be the bedrock that sustains any peace. Over twenty years of war have broken communities’ apart, exacerbated clan division, created openings for elites, extremists and terrorists to operate – all destabilizing the nation and demoralizing the populace’s faith and hope in a better future.

The Quraca Nabadda (Tree of Peace) translates actual experiences of Somalia, cases into paintings that are used to facilitate dialogues- based around the methodology of storytelling.

Quraca Nabadda addresses the need for social healing to break the cycles of violence, helping participants move away from victim and aggressor mentalities, understand the “others”, build trust, and foster a willingness to work together. QN’s unique approach is based on understanding this connection and using this nexus to explore individual and community healing.

The program was designed by two local GSN partners, Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN) and Wajir Peace University Trust. Since its inception, the federal government of Somalia has agreed to have QN implemented as a part of the Wadajir national framework.

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