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Muamko Mpya (Healing the Uniform)

Muamko Mpya: Healing the Uniform is an adaptation of Kumekucha for the Kenyan National Police Service (NPS) and other security actors. It builds on Kumekucha and examines the cycle of violence, trauma, resilience and healing.

Police officers are also exposed to stress inherent in their jobs which is considered customary, but which exceeds stress inherent in most other professions. For example, police respond to every suicide, every murder, and every fatal car accident. Arguably, they are routinely exposed to more death and trauma than troops of war. Their lives are often endangered. The effects of trauma are often ignored, resulting in high levels of suicide, divorce, and addictions.

Often underappreciated, these men and women help make our communities safer and more secure every day. Unfortunately, police officers work under constant stress and pressure.

Many police officers suffer from the effects of trauma and PTSD. However, healing from trauma is more difficult for law enforcement as officers are often reluctant or not allowed to share their experiences.

Therefore, Muamko Mpya seeks to strengthen the social fabric of communities by providing police officers with tools for re-examination of traumatic events and supports the development of trauma-informed skills to enhance mental wellbeing and resilience.

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