Our Impact Report "Growing Connection, Resiliency and Agency" launches today at the Paris Peace Forum. Explore by clicking this tab.
Yegarachin is a social healing programme designed to promote the long process of community healing and social reconciliation within Ethiopia’s... Read More
Few organizations have developed sustainable, culturally relevant, grass-root trauma-informed interventions outside of North America. Yet our research is showing a... Read More
ANGI YODER-MAINA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Angi Yoder-Maina is the Executive Director. Peacebuilding practitioner, post-conflict development and governance expert with a focus... Read More
READ OR DOWNLOAD THE FULL IMPACT REPORT FROM HERE OUR IMPACT STORIES Our Approach Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding Trauma-informed peacebuilding approaches require... Read More
The Green String Network (GSN) is a not-for-profit organization that brings together professionals and experts in the field of peacebuilding, trauma-informed healing and sustainable economic development. We are a network of like minded individuals and organizations who work on conflict transformation, countering violent extremism and social healing. Our initiatives are driven by local partners who we support with technical expertise. At GSN, we believe that there is a direct link between levels of trauma in vulnerable communities and the challenges faced with justice, reconciliation, security and overall social well-being. Over the past years, we have seen applications of trauma healing practices positively affect communities in some of the most fragile areas of this world. Violence begins with a thought, yet few interventions focus on the mental well-being of at-risk communities. GSN concentrates on trauma as a root cause of instability and we use trauma-informed approaches for peacebuilding and conflict transformation work. Read More

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